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Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2008 00:15:26 -0500
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Bread Puppet addition

On Nov 12, 2008, at 12:27 PM, melissa clark wrote:

> I have volunteered with Bread and Puppet during their summer program 
> and
> while on tour for the past three years and I have never experienced 
> anything
> but a loving and open atmosphere from the theater. I wonder how many 
> here
> who are spouting negativity about the theater's work have actually 
> worked
> with the company
   Most of the "negativity" was not so very negative, only siting 
differences in methods and styles. I don't think anyone was condemning 
them for their work. On the contrary, most of those who posted said 
something to the effect that, while they differed in views and/or 
methodology of delivering those views, they respected the work they do 
and even held it in some esteem.
   For myself, I have not worked with them, but I have seen them on 
several occasions. My judgment is based on those observations. Their 
work is not my cup of tea. It is something to watch, and clearly they 
believe in what they are doing. They have a passion for the work and 
the message. Nothing to condemn there. And I have heard how they work 
hard at developing the communal atmosphere they live and work in. All 
very good. But I can support all of that, and their right to do what 
they do, and still disagree with the overall message and how heavy 
handed it is delivered at times. That's not negativity, just a 
different view.
   I doubt seriously that if one had negative feeling about their work 
one would work with them, so there is a hole in your logic. Clearly, 
from an audience's perspective, they set out to rock the boat with 
their shows. The views they wrap the shows around are not exactly 
mainstream (or at least the shows I have seen them do.) This is a good 
thing at times. Sometimes it is what is needed to shake people out of 
following like lemmings. Given the opportunity I would see their shows 
again, but then I know pretty much what I am in for when I do.
   Lastly, the discussion branched off from B&P directly, to a general 
discussion of political theater using puppetry.


PS Gina, great to hear the seas have calmed for you about this, and 
even more so that it has not cost you your job. Looking forward to 
working with you in the spring. Hmmm, what controversy can I cause 
while there........  :o)

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