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Date: Sat, 01 Nov 2008 08:52:13 -0400
Subject: [Puptcrit] mythical thinking versus critical thinking

Richard Dawkins is going to write a children's book! Dawkins is questioning the value of fairytales and how they may teach children to think.


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Is Peter Brosius still in MN?
Does anyone know how I can contact him?
I haven't seen him in 15 yrs.
-Steven Ritz-BArr

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> >Jack Zipes has translated Grimms has written many books about Fairy
> Tales...
> I haven't been in contact with Jack Zipes for a number of years, but
> strongly recommend his many books on folktales.  Glad to hear about
> his work in Minneapolis.  The Children's Theatre Company there, led
> by Peter Brosius (who directed one of our plays many years ago at
> Mark Taper Forum), is exemplary not only in its level of production
> value but in finding new avenues of interaction with its audience.
> One of Jack's early publications was POLITICAL PLAYS FOR CHILDREN, a
> translation of plays by the Berlin children's theatre GRIPS.  We
> produced one of them, MUGNOG, with Theatre X in Milwaukee.  Very
> intelligent, entertaining, non-preachy, humane pieces.
> I wonder if anyone has produced any of the GRIPS pieces with puppets?
> Seems to me they'd be very effective.  We'd do it in a flash if we
> did stuff for kids.  Maybe we should.
> Cheers-
> Conrad B.
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