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Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2008 11:34:53 -0600
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> When we started blue sky puppet theatre 35 years ago we made a good   
> part of
> our living doing political satire street shows here in washington   
> dc. After
> the 1980 reagan election when things just didn't seem funny  anymore  
> and we
> had families to support we made the somewhat easy decision  to  
> devote ourselves
> entirely to the childrens/family market. Although I  have no regret,  
> totally
> loving the young audience, in the back of my head the  politics kept  
> nagging at
> me, particularly a few years ago when cheney shot the  lawyer.  I  
> was walking
> near dupont circle on a beautiful spring day  and there was no doubt  
> in my
> mind  how much fun a street show would  be.
> Anyway, for the last 15 years we've done an adult/older child   
> horror  show
> in our backyard for halloween. It's our one chance of the year to be
> completely politically (as in school boards) incorrect. With the  
> election just 4  days
> after halloween it seemed a natural to do some sort of political   
> bloodbath.
> Luckily I wasn't the only one who thrives on new material. Don   
> Becker is a
> terrific local puppet builder and part time puppeteer who agreed to   
> make the
> one night show puppets of the candidates. They are between 12 and   
> 20" and are
> feather light. We had a volunteer dream cast including another  local
> builder/puppeteer/NPR producer Barry Gordemer,  local voice  over
> artist/puppeteer/comedian Jan Johns and Don's daughter Maddie  
> rounding  out the performers.
> The resulting show, performed 10 times that night for a neighborhood  
> crowd
> of 400 lined up in the driveway, was amateur videoed and we put it  
> up on you
> tube to share with interested folks. Please feel free to pass it on  
> to anyone
> who might be interested. We're a little curious to see if it can get  
> viral but
> really only did it for the fun.
> check out don's website at _www.dbpuppet.com_ (http:// 
>   for
> some unusual  and artistic creations and
> barry's at _www.handemonium.com_ (  he   
> has some
> really great looking politicos being used in Las Vegas there as well!
> hope you enjoy!
> _
> (
> michael cotter
> director
> blue sky puppet theatre
> _www.blueskypuppets.com_ (
> _drama711-AT-aol.com_ (   love to hear  what  
> you thought
> about the show
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