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Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2008 21:26:55 -0500
Subject: [Puptcrit] Puppeliticamysticart-ism.

   In any time, in any place, if we are not in some struggle to move society forward, we're not on the right side of history.  Being on the right side of history means being a couple steps ahead of everyone and getting stones thrown at your head because of it. 
  Maybe an idealist, but I think puppets are generally on the right side of history :) or they somehow help us be there.
They have been weapons and shields for the evolution of mankind.  Sounds a bit dramatic, but seriously, I believe that. Puppeliticamysticart-ism.

Removing coca-cola machines & junk food from schools is an educational, nutritional political act. 
Anything to cut the cost of healthcare is a political act---it can be done by healthier diets or by ignoring and not caring for ill ciizens.. 
Keeping people healthy is a political act. Breathing is a political act. And recently a lot of religiosity at the polls in California has been more 
political than religious, trying to demonize a minority under the veil of being the only true religion (Mormon/Catholic/Evangelical Taliban). 
It would be nice if these would-be moral superiors concentrated on their OWN shortcomings and argued amongst themselves about which one 
of the three had exclusive connection to their Deity (I have yet to meet a Catholic who thinks Joseph Smith actually translated Golden Tablets in 
New York State to produce the Book of Mormon---I have yet to meet Evangelicals who think the Pope has the last word.) These three groups 
have been known to lie and cover up embarrasing facts about their own histories. They have also been very critical of EACH OTHER. 
Being far from perfect themselves, they are in no position to cast stones. And if they get some rocks returned, they should not be surprised.
In California, the backlash against the passing of Prop 8 (which affects puppeteers I know) has just begun. Winning the vote for women, 
endured many setbacks from "the people who had spoken" and turned out to have spoken wrongly. It was ALWAYS wrong. Same thing for the 
right of Black citizens to vote---all kinds of political ploys were tried to maintain unfairness. When I went to my first national Puppetry Festival in 
Oklahoma, public drinking fountains were still marked "white" and "colored"in that state. And they were NOT equal, either ...the ones for 
"colored" were older, and visibly not as good. That was 1948 (60 years ago!). I wish PROGRESS did not take so long. 
Many of us welcome a new President as a step in the new, improved direction.
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