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I've read many anatomy books for artists.
Cartoon and comic book technique books contain a lot on this aspect.

There doesn't seem to be a consensus on the right proportion that would work 
for all people.

What I understand is that different styles call for different "head 

Superhero proportions call for more head heights, like 8 or 9. So do fashion 
models, when drawing clothing designs in the industry.

Giant characters have smaller heads compared to the body (no matter the head 
count) to make them look huge.  A weak character has less head height.
A cute character has the smallest head height. Those can get to be only two 
heads high, where the body measures the same as the height of the head.

What a few books seem to neglect to mention enough, is that Width counts a 
lot on the overall look.
So a giant with wide shoulders could have two or three heads width on each 
side of the head.

Different head counted characters can inhabit the same universe.
Or you can decide what laws you apply to the oeverall style of your 

So, basically, I use the head counts as a good way to help define my 
characters, and make sure the characters fit well together in the world they 
inhabit, by not going too extreme in body proportion differences.

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