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Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2008 13:03:45 -0600
Subject: [Puptcrit] ART OR NOT ART?

I was wondering if many of us on puptcrit actually think about/worry  
about if what they create is ART.
I spent most of my life creating art.
If any of my art turns out to be ART, that is up to other people,  
events and elements that I have no control over.
When our species is extinct I hope other living things and this planet  
I doubt if the works of B & P, Shakespeare, Becket or Bill Baird will  
And if crumbs of their genius are still around, HALLELUJAH!
It won't be because of how arty or ARTY they were.

In our time, in live theatre in the USA, adaptations of Dicken's A  
CHRISTMAS CAROL are performed more than any Shakespeare play.

Our job is to do our best, connect with our audiences, stand on the  
shoulders of giants, and make the mirror or hammer that we decide to  
be the art we love to make and share.

Like so many things, making art is a lot more fun/interesting than  
talking about it.

And when we make temporary art, art that only exists for minutes or  
hours at a time, there is an amazing, wondrous, unique, satisfying  
sense of pure joy. Can anything be better than that?

Our art is food. We prepare and serve it. If we are lucky it gets  
eaten, appreciated, and it is expected and demanded that we make some  

Writing and discussing and questioning is an educational, expanding,  
social and enjoyable sideline, as is sharing the technical "how to"  
with each other.

I envy those still healthy enough to create their art daily.
The puptcrit list is an important blessing in my life of narrowing  
Thanks to each of you who write and sustain my love of creativity,  
process,imagination, craft and art.

Let the feast continue.

- michael john moynihan

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