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Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2008 14:16:47 EST
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Puppet Videos Galore!

Many thanks and kudos to Donald for a tremendous effort. This is a major  
enhancement to the Puppetry Yellow Pages.
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I  usually don't chime in much here on Pupcrit. I'm more of a "lurker".   
But I'm writing now to let everyone know of a great opportunity.   Now, 
for the first time, you can go to a single web site to view sample  
videos from more than 50 touring companies, puppet centers and resident  
theaters from across the country. There are some great videos here from  
Jim Gamble, In the Heart of the Beast, Dan Butterworth, Sha Higby,  
Nana Projects, Masque Theatre, Les Sages Fous, Images in Motion, The  
Puppet Company, to name only a few.

As the Web Dude for  UNIMA-USA.ORG I've spent the last several weeks 
searching the internet for  videos produced by UNIMA-USA's member 
companies to aggregate to one  location, the Puppetry Yellow Pages. Come 
visit. I guarantee you'll be  sticking around to see and hear the 
wonderful range of performances  offered by our member  companies.

More and  more puppetry artists are taking advantage of the new web 
technology to  showcase their work. I would encourage you, if you 
haven't already jumped  on the Internet Bandwagon, to hope  aboard!

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