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Hi Mary,

For years I have worked with VSA arts Wisconsin (formerly called Very Special Arts). I continue to conduct artist in residence programs for people of all ages, with and without disabilities of all sorts. One of my top residency experiences was working with a group of high school students, half with significant disabilities. We did a puppet performance of Carnival of the Animals with a live symphony orchestra. Nearly 100 puppets, 50 kids. Everyone had a part in making it a success. 

Now I feel our job is to convince organizations like VSA that puppetry is for EVERYONE, no matter what age.  In fact, all sources of grant money need to learn this, as well. What can we do?


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> Subject: [Puptcrit] Question
> As a special education teacher, I have a real concern about the lives of
> adults with significant disabilities. Does anyone know of any program out
> there that teaches puppetry to these adults? I think I would really like to
> do this one day as it would tie both my loves together.
> Mary H. 
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