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Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2008 14:37:15 -0500
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Famous PEOPLE Players

Also worth mentioning is that Famous PEOPLE Players have a website at 

They also provide the puppetry for a Canadian preschool TV series 
called "Roll Play". There are some videos from it on YouTube if you 
do a search.

A common misconception is that FPP is made up entirely of mentally 
handicapped performers. It isn't. The company's philosophy is (I am 
paraphrasing here) that everyone has one kind of "handicap" or 
another to deal with and society just chooses to single out and 
discriminate against certain ones. Although the majority of the 
company is made up individuals who are developmentally handicapped 
they have always pushed for integration and each show usually 
includes two or three puppeteers who aren't.

Diane Dupuy (the company's founder) has written a number of books 
about FPP's history. "Dare to Dream" and "Throw Your Heart Over the 
Fence" are both out of print, but you can often find used copies on She also self-published a book called "Daring to Dream" 
that is essentially a rehash of Dare to Dream that was written 
because the company couldn't acquire the reprint rights to the 
original book. "Daring to Dream" can probably be purchased by 
contacting FPP directly.

There was also a CBS movie of the week that dramatized the company's 
story called "Special People". There was a limited VHS release in the 
mid-90s but copies are rare and hard to come by.

Alan, it's nice to hear that Bob is restoring those heads for FPP. 
Performing those heads was my life for much of the late `90s. They 
are beautiful (by far the best black light puppet heads I've ever 
seen anywhere) but even then they were needing touch-ups. There were 
a lot of attempts to match his work, but no one in North America 
seemed to be able to do it.

- Andrew

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