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Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2008 14:30:57 -0600
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I just got back from my local hardware store here in Minneapolis.  I had a
couple of things to pick up and I took a side trip to the glue aisle to see
if there was anything new.  I saw a bottle of Weldbond with a tag hanging
from it with picture of a beautiful mask.  The tag was advertising their
=93You Glued What?=94 contest.  Inside the tag it said =93Matthew René of
Montreal, Quebec, Canada created this captivating mask pictured on the
cover.=94 and explained how he has used Weldbond in the process.  Well, their
advertising worked.  I came home with a bottle of glue I wasn=92t planning to
buy.  Congrats, Matthew, on the advertising you got out of this promotion.
I hope it leads more people to seek out your work.  








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