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Thanks Kurt.
This is fun news.

I entered their contest about three years ago, didn't get any news about it 
until about two years ago when I won (a gallon of glue, a cap with logo, a 
t-shirt, and a dozen of the tags featuring my work.) Fun!

Until now, I hadn't heard anything from it since. I wasn't even sure if they 
actually distributed the tags to the stores. Must be because here, the 
stores don't bother to take the time to place the tags on the bottles or 

What they got wrong is the description of my process. They must have gotten 
confused with other descriptions on my website at the time, even though I 
supplied the proper description on the online form.
In that mask's case, I used Weldbond as a sealer only.

Now that you have Weldbond, make sure you try it as a sealer on porous 
surfaces you'd like to paint. Works wonders on paper mache. Helps protect it 
against moisture too. Acrylic paints LOVE Weldbond, they grab onto it 
forever, never letting go. So when the surface is less compatible because of 
the finish on it, use Weldbond as an in-between.  I sometimes used to add 
Weldbond to my paint, to increase adherance and flex, but it's no longer 
necessary, as the acrylic medium I now use (made locally) is already super 
strong in both qualities.

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I just got back from my local hardware store here in Minneapolis.  I had a
couple of things to pick up and I took a side trip to the glue aisle to see
if there was anything new.  I saw a bottle of Weldbond with a tag hanging
from it with picture of a beautiful mask.  The tag was advertising their
"You Glued What?" contest.  Inside the tag it said "Matthew René of
Montreal, Quebec, Canada created this captivating mask pictured on the
cover." and explained how he has used Weldbond in the process.  Well, their
advertising worked.  I came home with a bottle of glue I wasn't planning to
buy.  Congrats, Matthew, on the advertising you got out of this promotion.
I hope it leads more people to seek out your work.


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