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Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2008 21:48:55 -0500
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Polymer Clay frustration

Thanks to all who replied.

I have received a private message warning me that the exagerated weakness I 
was experiencing may be due to overbaking.

My oven is indeed old, and since one element has broken recently, it's 
probably not that accurate in temperature.

I baked various brands in the past, always following instructions, in 
different ovens, and indeed, my results were stronger, even when using 
Sculpey 3.  Still, most polymer clays I tried are more brittle than 
manufacturers are willing to admit.

I'm not giving up on them quite yet, as I really want to break into the Art 
doll world, as a sideline.
I'll try Cernit and Pro-sculpt next chance I get, thanks for the 
suggestions,  Liz and Richard!

I did try Cernit once, but it was a very old unopened package, turned 
brittle, unworkable. Following some online tip which I "twisted" a bit, I 
revived it by kneading into it, a very small amount of petroleum jelly. 
Worked like a charm. The clay was strong and smooth to work with. but I am 
curious how much stronger a fresh batch would be.
The orignal tip was to use a tiny amount of petrooleum jelly to prep some 
baked polymer clay to receive some unbaked, so that the baked total would 
fuse into a single piece. I figured it was worth a try, to see if the jelly 
could be used as a solvent. There is no sign of weaknes caused by the jelly, 
nor of any oily residue.
I made that test creature many months ago. Some kind of chemical reaction 
must happen upon baking.

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Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Polymer Clay frustration

You might try Prosculpt fro Jack Johnston.   I have made puppet heads with
prosculpt and have had almost no breakage.
Richard Johnson
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Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Polymer Clay frustration

Getting back to it, I noticed the second leg has cracked too.

I can't even yell my rage right now, as I don't want to wake the whole
building up.

I would patch the leg cracks either with:

- hot glue (any excess wiped and scraped off),


-Weldbond-soaked pieces of paper towels, inserted with a sharp tool.
This should help with stability. Super glue is no good when the piece will
risk a bit of movement, and more polymer clay would just crack in the same

Since time is of the essence (one-day shipping tomorrow), I'll use the hot
glue method.

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