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Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2008 08:31:55 -0500
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] ART OR NOT ART?

For those of us un-enlightened about the mentionned "The Gift" book, can 
someone elaborate, and tell us a bit about what the Gift economy would be?

I have a book which I like to use as inspiration:

The Science of Getting Rich, by wllace D. Wattles.
Despite the weird cheesy title, it contains much wisdom.

One of my favorite principles in it is (paraphrasing):

In exchange for a product or service, give more in use value than what you 
receive in monetary value for it.
If anyone did that, abundance would be commonplace.

One example of that: In a lot of cases, we have merchandise or services 
(maybe coupons) we otherwise would not find much use for, but for someone 
else, it might be heaven sent, and at the perfect time.
That person's use of it could bring them out of a tough situation!
Maybe it's the perfect material or tool for them, while it's just taking 
space in our studio.
What if we ask a reasonnable low price for it  (if any) and make someone's 
life a little better, without taking advantage of the situation for a 
Sadly, lots of people find it normal to take advantage, and ask for as much 
as possible, trying to get as much of their original spent money back. I 
never was quite comfortable with the idea, which brought me a lot of severe 
judgements from people around me.

Sorry folks, I really want to be rich, but I don't want to get there by 
exploiting others.
And yes, it's possible to gain fortune without bringing others down or 
It's just harder to do it "right" in today's world.
The reflex of the crowd seems to be: take advantage, just like you've been 
taken advantage of.

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