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Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2008 15:40:46 -0500
Subject: [Puptcrit] ART IS !... and I am glad that it is.

Hello tcritters,

What is all this talk about what ART is?
Do not attempt to adjust your screen.
Art is certainly a response by an asthetic mind to stimulus plus experience.
Art can happen accidentally.
Art of fine intent is not necessarily good.
Art is a glimpse at another=B9s isolation.
Art is a way of seeing.
Art has no bounds and is really more of a verb than a noun.
Art does not require talent.
Art is a language as indecipherible to the traveler as aincent 
Sumerian is to most.
Art  speaks across all languages and all barriers.
Art saturates society to a point where it becomes wallpaper.
Art is considered Art or Not depending on where it is.
Art is occassionally considered as Art only after it $ell$
Art is a pass-time
Art is  ego
Art is a burning driving force of desire which must be sought but 
never explained
Art is strived for but seldom attained.
Art is an attempt to be part of what we see .
Art in its finest forms is rare for the individual to experience, and 
usually expensive.
Art is lived or it is not lived.
Art to MOST ... MOST people is what looks good over the couch.
Art from creators must always deal with errosive elements- creators 
vs. destroyers.
Art is a window into the soul of the artist, but we also see the 
reflection in the glass.
Art for all it=B9s supporters is of little or no practical value to the 
vast majority of the 6 + billion .
Art is all there is.
Art does not exist except in the consciousness of the observer.
Art is the way in which something is done.
Art is made to be enjoyed criticized, ridiculed, judged, and stored 
out of sight.
Art is the baring of the subconscious, the elevation of the mundane, 
a striving for revelation.
Art is a hobby?
Art  translates the beauty we see in nature into personal expression
Art is an attempt at communication. an attempt at explanation.
Art makes snobs out of us.
Art is simply what one says Art is.  ... according to many.
Art  = posterity, and seldom prosperity.
Art in process is corrupted by knowing what will happen to it after 
is =B3fini$hed=B2
Art is common and rare, simple and awesome, private and published.
Art is nothing new.
Art is my refuge and my outlet.
Art is entirely seperate from the artist, once it is done it must 
stand on its own, or not.
Art can be granite or a song whispered on the wind ... heard and then gone.
Art and all things are temporary, to be enjoyed in the moment.
Do good work.
Do not worry about what you will do with it until it is good.
I have read that the work is everything, the =B3man,=B2 nothing, so while 
traveling at the speed of Art, try to keep yourself out of the way of 
the work.
What we find is that Art is not confined to a definition anymore than 
So Art is and can not be what we agree it is, and refuse to accept it as.
  BUT, Art is ... and I am glad that it is.
  We now return you to your regularly scheduled discussion.
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