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Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2008 06:26:49 -0500
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Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Gift Economy

I saved in to the desktop so I can read it. Sounds very
interesting....thanks, Mathieu. Forwarded to Laura too.

Mary H. 

On 11/18/08 9:34 PM, "Mathieu René" <> wrote:

> This whole talk is fascinating!
> For another alternative economic syste, which might actually work, given
> enough motivated people and enough isolation (no government interference)
> for enough time: the Ghand way.
> It was introduced in a short story by Eric Frank Russel,
> titled: And Then There Were None.
> Here's a link to the full short-story:
> Their economy is based on barter, and their mentality is based on
> self-expression, self-administration, and peaceful resistance, to the max.
> They use the "only weapon in existence which cannot be turned against its
> user." (I may be paraphrasing).
> Do not be discouraged by the science-fiction genre it is part of, if you
> think you don't like that sort of thing. It is foremost a study of human
> society (or societies), in a foreign environment which distances us enough
> to be a bit more observant. Which I think most good science fiction is, no
> matter how many aliens or robots we encounter.
> That story fueled a hidden rebel in me, and ever since I read it (twice in a
> row, so strongly I felt about it), I get to be an original and choose my own
> ways, when others might go the robot way.
> F-IW! 
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