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Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2008 06:37:42 -0500
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Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Puppetry folks wearing silly things

Let's just say, what you may be, Mathieu, when you dress the role, is comic
relief to others who are so fashion concious that they couldn't do anything
else even if they tried. But secretly, they want the frog hat. I have done
similar things as well. Perhaps that is why I also love being a clown. I
think it shows wholesomeness and pride in what you do. I am always the one
that wears the silly hat or other at school. And it is kids don't
look at fashion. 

Every year on Dr. Seuss' birthday I don my hat, tie, and tail to wear.

Keep being who you are. And keep writing you know who even if she is slow to


On 11/19/08 2:14 AM, "Mathieu René" <> wrote:

> Hi all.
> Anybody else here wear silly things on a regular basis?
> Background:
> I lost my mittens.
> I won't cry, they were not warm enough anyways.
> So I made some to my own specs.
> I patterned myself a pair of three-digit monster paws. All black, long fake
> fur on the back, and palms of a polar fleece-like fabric, with lining
> inside.
> Pics coming soon, when I have time to trim and really define the look of
> them.
> (Right now, the long fur hides the digits from the back, makes the mittens,
> when closed, look like furry boxing gloves, which could be an option to
> keep).
> In order to make my tuque match with my mittens better, I added a patch of
> fur on it, which serve as hair with a part. There were already two eyes on
> the tuque.
> Which brings me to wonder...
> What makes me wear such strange attire?
> I understand about my regular "trademark" frog hat, which is rather subtle,
> but come winter time with the need for warmer headgear and gloves, I go all
> crazy and puppetize myself!
> Is it the cold, messing with my brain?
>  Anyways, some part of me tells me it's not that crazy. Some people wear
> Punk, some wear Goth, and I guess I wear Puppetry. I have a friend who
> believes it's "out of place" to advertise my interests in such a flashy way.
> Oh well, I like to provoque some kind of reaction.
> And so far, I've seen more smiles than frowns. Let's face it, the weirdo
> with eyes on his hat and furry monster paws advertizes immediately he's
> harmless.
> Or is he?
> What if I were a threat to people's sanities?
> Anybody else here wear silly things on a regular basis?
> I have a client meeting tomorrow, for formalizing a puppetmaking contract
> (two short evenings to design and build a parrot puppet, which I'll lease
> and perform for a night in late November, then i'll keep the parrot and try
> performing at birthday parties.)
> Somehow, I'm not worried about looking silly or damaging my cred.
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