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Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2008 20:17:41 -0500
Subject: [Puptcrit] Performing advice?  (hood)

Hi all,

It is confirmed, I shall build and perform a parrot puppet for and on the 
29th of this month.
The parrot intterracts with the pirate (host) and the audience, between the 
dance numbers.
It's for a multi-cultural community organization, presenting an evening of 
folkloric dance from various countries. Troups of pros and beginners alike. 
It seems very interesting, I can't wait!

It will be a mouth and rod puppet, my hand going from behind the puppet's 
head, and two rods crossing so that I can flap the wings, which I'll 
probably hinge in fabric. The legs will be posable, so that he can land and 
stay on a perch.  I'm thinking of giving the puppet a wooden leg, still in 
the shape of a bird's leg, bu rougher, as if carved in wood (maybe I will 
carve it, someday, no time now)
It will have to be simple, I gvive myself two evenings to build it. It,s 
based on types of puppets I,ve built before, so most of the trechnical 
aspects are already solved.

The customer is "old school about puppets", so I'll have to perform under a 
With a mike.

Probably wireless. But if they can't find one on time, it will have a wire.
I've only performed under a hood for a week-end, and it was only for a 
parade, about three years ago.
I don't know if I'll have time to borrow a proper hood, so I'm already going 
with the backup plan (makig my own).

So I'm wondering if old shoolers here could give me pointers on performing 
with hood and a mike.
Oh, and maybe pointers or pattern to make my own hood?

-Will the hood muffle my voice a lot?
-Any simple trick to keep the fabric away from my mouth?

-the parrot character has two personalities, therefore two voices (silly, 
cartoon-parrot, and smart, crooner parrot). Yikes. I shall add that aspect 
as an "extra" in my list of possibilities for future customers. I'd have 
charged extra, had I known I would have to split my mind yet again. Room and 
board in this skull have got to be paid for!

Gotta go get some clay and start shaping that beak!

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