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Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2008 19:27:56 -0600
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Performing advice?  (hood)

Probably the right wireless mic under a hood would avoid feedback, but  
some will be a feedback problem.
Hoods get very warm.
A baseball catchers mask might hold the hood away from your mouth.
A harmonica holder (ala Bob Dylan) could function as a mic holder and  
keep the hood away from your face.
Too bad for the time restraint.
There are so many possible fun things to try.

- m

On Nov 19, 2008, at 7:17 PM, Mathieu René wrote:

> Hi all,
> It is confirmed, I shall build and perform a parrot puppet for and  
> on the
> 29th of this month.
> The parrot intterracts with the pirate (host) and the audience,  
> between the
> dance numbers.
> It's for a multi-cultural community organization, presenting an  
> evening of
> folkloric dance from various countries. Troups of pros and beginners  
> alike.
> It seems very interesting, I can't wait!
> It will be a mouth and rod puppet, my hand going from behind the  
> puppet's
> head, and two rods crossing so that I can flap the wings, which I'll
> probably hinge in fabric. The legs will be posable, so that he can  
> land and
> stay on a perch.  I'm thinking of giving the puppet a wooden leg,  
> still in
> the shape of a bird's leg, bu rougher, as if carved in wood (maybe I  
> will
> carve it, someday, no time now)
> It will have to be simple, I gvive myself two evenings to build it.  
> It,s
> based on types of puppets I,ve built before, so most of the trechnical
> aspects are already solved.
> The customer is "old school about puppets", so I'll have to perform  
> under a
> hood.
> With a mike.
> Probably wireless. But if they can't find one on time, it will have  
> a wire.
> I've only performed under a hood for a week-end, and it was only for a
> parade, about three years ago.
> I don't know if I'll have time to borrow a proper hood, so I'm  
> already going
> with the backup plan (makig my own).
> So I'm wondering if old shoolers here could give me pointers on  
> performing
> with hood and a mike.
> Oh, and maybe pointers or pattern to make my own hood?
> -Will the hood muffle my voice a lot?
> -Any simple trick to keep the fabric away from my mouth?
> -the parrot character has two personalities, therefore two voices  
> (silly,
> cartoon-parrot, and smart, crooner parrot). Yikes. I shall add that  
> aspect
> as an "extra" in my list of possibilities for future customers. I'd  
> have
> charged extra, had I known I would have to split my mind yet again.  
> Room and
> board in this skull have got to be paid for!
> Gotta go get some clay and start shaping that beak!
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