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Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2008 10:20:01 -0500
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] wearing silly things

On Nov 19, 2008, at 2:14 AM, Mathieu René wrote:

> Hi all.
> Anybody else here wear silly things on a regular basis?
> <clip>
> What makes me wear such strange attire?<clip>
>  <clip> I have a friend who believes it's "out of place" to advertise 
> my interests in such a flashy way.
> Oh well, I like to provoque some kind of reaction. And so far, I've 
> seen more smiles than frowns. Let's face it, the weirdo with eyes on 
> his hat and furry monster paws advertizes immediately he's harmless.
> Or is he?
> What if I were a threat to people's sanities?
> Anybody else here wear silly things on a regular basis?
> <clip>Somehow, I'm not worried about looking silly or damaging my cred.

Seems like you answered your own question (at least in part) as to why 
you do it.

Wearing things that attract attention and/or reaction is in part an 
effort of self expression, in part a show of support of something 
and/or rebellion against something, and in part having some fun.

It is said that people will draw their first (and often most lasting) 
impression of you in the first 30 seconds. Wearing something outlandish 
attempts to control that impression. Of course what you can't control 
is what people do with that impression and their preconceived notions 
of what that might be. What one person sees as a harmless weirdo some 
may see as threatening. What one sees as fun another may see as 
immature. What some may see as an invitation to conversation, others 
may be repelled by. Overtly outlandish people may threaten the 
sensibilities more than sanity of others.

I don't wear particularly silly things today, but as a professional 
circus clown I did all of the time. Your clothing says something about 
you, no matter what you wear. As Perault said in Puss in Boots, "The 
clothing makes the man." You can choose what you wish it to make you on 
different occasions. Shoot, it can even make a man a woman (or at least 
appear to be). The biggest thing is to be comfortable in you own skin - 
or more precisely, in this case, clothing. Knowing and accepting the 
variety of reactions that may cause in others is part of that comfort. 
You seem to be ready and willing to bear the slings and arrows as well 
as the benefits, so enjoy yourself.

Oh, I just though of a small exception on my part. During the summer 
one of my favorite caps to wear has Sesame St. characters on it, and in 
the winter my gloves may well have a Dr. Seuss character on them. Not 
particularly trying to make any statement (other than I like Muppets 
and Seuss) but they do occasionally draw attention - some positive, 
some derisive. From time to time it may lead to some conversation about 
my being a puppeteer, but that's not why I wear them. I wear them to 
keep the sun out of my eyes in the summer and to keep my hands warm in 
the winter. If I am going to wear something, I may as well wear 
something I like and that if I happen to set down won't easily get 
lost. Practical more than anything else.


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