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LOL, unlike greedy Americans who insist on building condos on the beaches so
they can have their view........not exactly smart!

Mary H. 

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> After the 2004 Tsunami in the Indian Ocean, a news story came out about an
> ancient Paleolithic people in the Nicobar/Andaman Islands that survived the
> storm because of their ancient knowledge of the ocean -- transmitted by
> storytellers. When the ocean began to recede from the shore, the natives
> remembered the stories of this happening before (well over 1,000 years ago, I
> believe) and went to higher ground. While there was much damage and loss of
> life in the islands, this small band of natives survived.

They listened =A0to
> their storytellers, and remembered what to do.=A0


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> Gift Economy

On Nov 21, 2008, at 1:57 PM, Ed Atkeson wrote:

> The
> thing that stuck in my head was the author said that before the
> mine came
> the most talented storyteller was the most important person
> on the
> island.

Demonstrates an example of one of the main points that led me to be
interested in and pay very close attention to what Lewis Hyde wrote.

> refer to the 1981 building of the Bechtel Ok Tedi Mine, the  
largest mine in
> Papua New Guinea at that time. The mine waste was  
dumped directly in the Ok
> Tedi River after a dam, built by Bechtel,  
was destroyed in a land slide. And
> the end of the story you already  

Despite the majority of apparently
> happy capitalist puppeteers, I do  
ecall reading here some commiserating
> why we USA puppeteer/ 
storytellers were often relegated to the kid's table at
> the performing  
arts thanksgiving feast.

An Gift interesting
> review:

As to the Refrigerator
> biz in a gifty-ier, more human friendly  
economy, not much different from any
> biz endeavors.

Worker owned manufacturing? Consumer owned
> cooperative?
Refrigerators you cannot own, only use, so when you are done with
> it,  
it goes back to the manufacturer for rebuilding/recycling. Same with
iPods, computers, cars, tools?

Cooperatives usually are cost effective and
> responsive to their owners.
Here in the heartland of the USA we have Ace
> Hardware, a cooperative  
that was created in 1924. Ocean Spray has been
> around for over 75  
years as an agricultural cooperative, owned by cranberry
> growers and  
grapefruit growers. Consumer owned power utilities cost an
> average of  
13% less than investor owned. And they can choose how the energy
> is  

Puppeteers' Cooperative:

> moynihan
Why can't we all(cooperatively) get along?
And what IS so funny about
> peace, love and 
> understanding?

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