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Subject: [Puptcrit] fwd -Shifting into this Gift Economy model has been a

We are a small group of filmmakers and artists throughout the U.S.  
that create films for those that inspire us at no cost. Smooth Feather  
Productions Founder Silas Hagerty shares the moment when he decided to  
step it up a notch.  :)

"In the spring of 2007, I was riding my bike under the Williamsburg  
bridge in Brooklyn when I was floored by the following idea, "What if  
I could make films for those that inspired me at no cost..with no  
strings attached? Just spend my days essentially hooking people up. :)  
Then the next question was, "Well, what would that take?" After  
leaving an expensive apartment in New York and downsizing a film  
studio into a backpack, I hit the road to embark on the "filmgrimage."  
Soon after, a growing posse of amazing friends joined in the giving,  
and we all began offering our respective services under three guiding  
principles. 1. We are 100% volunteer. 2. We don't fundraise, we trust.  
3. We do small things, change ourselves not the world.
Shifting into this Gift Economy model has been a deeply rewarding  
journey. Yet above all, it's about doing what makes you come alive,  
and this method of filmmaking just keeps sending chills up our spines.

	=95	Stay fully volunteer-run. Don't compromise values.
Being volunteer-run allows us to organically self-organize. Instead of  
hierarchies and pre-fabricated business plans, a volunteer  
infrastructure is dynamic, low-cost and open to radical change.  
Everything is based on relationships and presence, and that creates a  
powerful context to BE the change.

	=95	Serve with whatever you have. Don't fundraise.
In a gift economy, goods and services are given freely, without asking  
for anything in return. Instead of "savings", it is the circulation of  
the unconditional offerings within the community that leads to  
increase -- increase in connections, increase in relationship  
strength. Our security lies in our service to the world.

	=95	Focus on the small. Change yourself, not the world.
Our attempt is to do "small acts with great love". Just as every tiny  
bit of a hologram contains information of the whole, we feel that  
paying attention to the process, to the present moment, gives us  
plenty of information to become instruments of a larger, systemic  

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