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Hi Yvette;
    Great website, loved the pictures & the puppets.

The puppet people
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Subject: [Puptcrit] new website

> Hi friends,
> I just wanted to share my new website (partially inspired by Mathieu's 
> amazing puppet photos)! I had a great site a friend made for me years ago 
> with loads of flash and that actually became a problem. It said "loading" 
> for 2-5 minutes on many of the pages. And because it was flash it was hard 
> to update photos which took a lot of time. So, I learned a new skill and 
> made my own site. It is simple and I hope you like it! Also, Lindsay 
> Aikman took the photos of the puppets (most of them) and she was 
> incredible to work with and she totally understood seeing when the puppet 
> was alive so I highly recommend her for your portfolios. Lindsay Aikman at 
> With love,
> Yvette
> PS I tried the LED experiment and blew up some bulbs in radio shack. I 
> think I'll try blacklight instead. Does anyone have a resource for 
> extruded polystyrene in 25 or 40 psi in 3 or 4 inch thickness that will 
> ship one or two blocks/boards?
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