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Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2008 07:13:56 -0800
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Opportunities for business

Some thoughts -- and requests for ideas:

I think there is a benefit to a perceived "recession"  -- it gives  
business owners an opportunity to restructure and become better  
business owners. Creativity is the key ingredient here. As a puppet  
show company whose business is 80% private parties, I'm starting to  
reduce costs, offer discounts, and become a better promoter. Below is  
what I'm currently doing:

1) Reducing costs - 3 ways to reduce overhead (little ways and big ways)
	a) Planning to make shows simpler - downscaling from 2-performer  
shows to 1-performer shows. The best thing about this is it's an  
opportunity to make NEW shows = fun /creativity
	b) I'm planning not to renew a contract for redundant magazine  
advertising, which will save $2,000/year.
	c) I scaled back my cel phone plan from 900 minutes to 450 minutes/ 
mo, for a savings of $20/month on minutes I never used.
2) Offering discounts - limited-time offers as incentive for new and  
returning clients to purchase the performance

3) Becoming a better promoter --
	a) Organizing email lists and contact information.
	b) Sending out emails offering discount rates for shows.
	c) Submitting for free advertising in newspaper articles, magazines,  
local tv, etc. Any thoughts on how to get feature articles / how to  
get on local tv?

Anybody got any other ideas on cost reduction/ discounts/ promoting?

Moodoo Puppets

On Nov 23, 2008, at 5:42 AM, Mark S. Segal wrote:

> The contents of this letter disturbed me.
> So I looked on the internet for information.
> This is the article I found.
> While the situation that we are in is very bad.....skewed  
> information can
> make it seem worse.
> Perception (I believe) has a lot to do with reality. This was  
> discussed in
> another form about audiences and appropriate material etc.
> Even though it can open up a hornet's nest of disagreement. I do  
> believe
> that perceptions can be wrong, even if shared.
> Mark S
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