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Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2008 00:10:08 -0400
Subject: [Puptcrit] Mask for voice changing/training

I was driving my bicycle home from a puppet performance just a few minutes 
ago, and an idea came back into my mind.

I was in full Grim Reaper Costumer, and my giant skull head was protecting 
me from the cold wind, and I was singing. the sound in there is pretty 
interesting, and this reminded me of a few yars ago, when I came upon with 
an acient concept which I still need to try:

Making masks that amplify and/or modify the actors's voice.
Just like ancient Greek masks are believed to have done (has this been truly 

I'd like to make a mask with a trumpet shape for the mouth, maybe one with 
other shapes for different sounds. Such masks could benefit from today's 
technology, such as a wireless microphone well placed to capture the right 
sound, and make it heard by all around, via a speaker.

Such a mask could also be designed for singers or actors, so that they can 
rehearse their singing without any electrical needs, and without disturbing 
the neighbors.

My Skull masks is a big full head mask, so the sound is traveling in a kind 
of sphere. My voice saounds deeper and muffled somehow. I'd like to reduce 
the "muffled", increase depth, but reduce volume, to spare my ears. I think 
a bigger mask, with more space inside, and perhaps a few strategically 
placed holes could be better for the sound, make it less "this" or more 
I'd like to be more precise in my vocabulary and descirptions, but I'm not 
yet a sound engineer.

Anyone care to help?

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