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Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2008 11:05:59 -0500
Subject: [Puptcrit] Photos and Vids on Puppet hub

Hello Robert Rogers,
     what have you 45 yrs in Puppetry?
Always good to hear from you, the net amazing.
Maybe we will actually cross paths again sometime.
The reason that you cannot find me is that I am an unknown smalltime  
insignificant puppeteer with no credentials and no website yet.
Well ... I am a little known, fairly elaborate, influential puppeteer  
with no credentials and no website yet.
either way, I am hard to find. As you know I was on the FDNY through  
the 2001 events, and have not advertised since then at all.
I get all the work I want and actually say No, No, No, No, to many  
questionable enterprises, ( no living rooms ) while doing plenty of  
free-o's for deserving groups of underprivileged, or
properly appreciative groups like the area puppet guilds or United  
Cerebral Palsy.
  I have also spent the last year in my animating dungeon working on a  
few films, frame by frame out of sight, OUT OF MIND.
The longest is a 28 min film called "Geo at the Workbench". Starring  
Geo. A character I have been using in my paintings for decades and  
finally made an animating  puppet of it.
I am composing the soundtrack little by little, and hope to send it  
out onto the film festival go-round.
I will try to post some Photos ... sometime.
I found a few of your vids on youtube , Really Big Shoooe ( Ed  
Sullivan ) You, You have credentials! You ... No You!
Thanks for at least trying to find us.
I am designing a new flier, slowly assembling a website, and plan a re- 
emergence sometime, but while the economy is tanking, I am comfortable  
in what goes on, a few more films, then more surreal paintings in the  
winter studio light, I am about half way done with a large 3' 6"  
parade puppet head, fairly anatomically proportioned, with blinking  
eyes and a moving mouth.
Loooking Goood so far.
I guess I am still giving it my All.
If you are performing on "The Island" anytime, you have an invitation  
to visit the Dreamlike Studio, and Puppet Dungeon, We could have a big  
Lunch for you and your "troupe?"
You can find me at >Dreamlike Puppet Co. for 50 photos and 8 vids, enjoy.
Be well


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