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Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2008 21:53:41 GMT
Subject: [Puptcrit] Doug Paasch,

It is always sad news to hear of the passing of a member of the Puppetry Community. The Seattle Children's Theatre has lost a valuable partner with the sudden death of Doug Paasch, who created many puppets for the SCT, the second largest Children's Theatre in the United States. 

The International Puppetry Museum sends its condolences to The Seattle Children's Theatre and to Doug's parents. We too know what it is like to lose loyal workers (for us it was the deaths of Phil and Sharon Moyer last year), but remembering and savoring the contributions of dedicated people does help.
You can see a few puppets-in-progress from 2007 (cast neoprene or cut foam) by Doug Paasch posted by Sean Johnson at:

Check out the Seattle Children's Theatre webpage for a hint of their impressive activities.

International Puppetry Museum

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This Saturday, November 22, Doug Paasch passed away. Below is a  
formal In Memorium, but I wanted to add that he was one of the first  
puppeteers I met when I arrived in Seattle nine years ago, and from  
the very first welcome, Doug was generous and kind, with backstage  
tours of the Seattle Children's Theatre for visiting puppeteers,  
workshops for the Guild, a source of information for all things  
puppet, and more. Among the many wonderful gifts he had to give to  
the world, he was a stable and important part of our puppet  
community. May a part of him stay with all of us who knew him. He  
will be greatly missed.

In Memorium: Douglas Paasch
By Deb Fialkow

Douglas N. Paasch had over 25 years of experience in professional  
puppetry, with extensive credits as a puppet performer, designer,  
builder, director, and consultant. For the past 16 years he had been  
the resident puppet master for Seattle Children's Theatre (SCT). He  
also worked with local and regional theatre companies including:  
Intiman, Seattle Repertory Theatre, Seattle Shakespeare Co., Book-It  
Repertory Theatre, Strawberry Theatre Workshop, South Coast Repertory  
(Costa Mesa, CA), and Childsplay Theatre Company (Tempe, Arizona), Mr  
Paasch has performed internationaly in Bulgaria, Serbia and China.  
Douglas is also a theatre technician, with special expertise in  
theatrical effects. Douglas was an instructor or guest artist at  
CalArts, UW, Cornish, Seattle University, University of Puget Sound,  
the Art Institute of Seattle and the SCT Drama School. Douglas was a  
member of Actor's Equity Association and IATSE. Most recent projects  
included: 'Night of the Living Dead'and 'The Wizard of Oz'-AT- Seattle  
Children's Theatre (just opened last night!); doing the puppetry  
design, direction and construction. Other recent project included:  
'The Mary Shelly Project' with Greg Loughridge, 'The Never Ending  
Story' at SCT.

Doug passed away Saturday, November 22nd, 2008. He suffered an  
unexpected, massive heart attack.

Doug was a sweet, generous man of extraordinary talent and  
imagination. His loss to his friends, the Seattle Theater Community,  
the theater and puppetry industries will be felt profoundly.

Cards, flowers, photos, remembrances may be sent to :
Doug's parents (Leanore and Norm Paasch): 17811 5th Ave SW, Seattle,  
WA 98166
Lisa's address is 2109 N Anderson St, Tacoma, WA 98406

SCT will be holding a memorial

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