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Oh no. I'm so sorry to hear this.


Mary Robinette Kowal

On Tue, Nov 25, 2008 at 4:53 PM, Alan Cook <> wrote:

> It is always sad news to hear of the passing of a member of the Puppetry
> Community. The Seattle Children's Theatre has lost a valuable partner with
> the sudden death of Doug Paasch, who created many puppets for the SCT, the
> second largest Children's Theatre in the United States.
> The International Puppetry Museum sends its condolences to The Seattle
> Children's Theatre and to Doug's parents. We too know what it is like to
> lose loyal workers (for us it was the deaths of Phil and Sharon Moyer last
> year), but remembering and savoring the contributions of dedicated people
> does help.
> You can see a few puppets-in-progress from 2007 (cast neoprene or cut foam)
> by Doug Paasch posted by Sean Johnson at:
> Check out the Seattle Children's Theatre webpage for a hint of their
> impressive activities.
> International Puppetry Museum
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> This Saturday, November 22, Doug Paasch passed away. Below is a
> formal In Memorium, but I wanted to add that he was one of the first
> puppeteers I met when I arrived in Seattle nine years ago, and from
> the very first welcome, Doug was generous and kind, with backstage
> tours of the Seattle Children's Theatre for visiting puppeteers,
> workshops for the Guild, a source of information for all things
> puppet, and more. Among the many wonderful gifts he had to give to
> the world, he was a stable and important part of our puppet
> community. May a part of him stay with all of us who knew him. He
> will be greatly missed.
> In Memorium: Douglas Paasch
> By Deb Fialkow
> Douglas N. Paasch had over 25 years of experience in professional
> puppetry, with extensive credits as a puppet performer, designer,
> builder, director, and consultant. For the past 16 years he had been
> the resident puppet master for Seattle Children's Theatre (SCT). He
> also worked with local and regional theatre companies including:
> Intiman, Seattle Repertory Theatre, Seattle Shakespeare Co., Book-It
> Repertory Theatre, Strawberry Theatre Workshop, South Coast Repertory
> (Costa Mesa, CA), and Childsplay Theatre Company (Tempe, Arizona), Mr
> Paasch has performed internationaly in Bulgaria, Serbia and China.
> Douglas is also a theatre technician, with special expertise in
> theatrical effects. Douglas was an instructor or guest artist at
> CalArts, UW, Cornish, Seattle University, University of Puget Sound,
> the Art Institute of Seattle and the SCT Drama School. Douglas was a
> member of Actor's Equity Association and IATSE. Most recent projects
> included: 'Night of the Living Dead'and 'The Wizard of Oz'-AT- Seattle
> Children's Theatre (just opened last night!); doing the puppetry
> design, direction and construction. Other recent project included:
> 'The Mary Shelly Project' with Greg Loughridge, 'The Never Ending
> Story' at SCT.
> Doug passed away Saturday, November 22nd, 2008. He suffered an
> unexpected, massive heart attack.
> Doug was a sweet, generous man of extraordinary talent and
> imagination. His loss to his friends, the Seattle Theater Community,
> the theater and puppetry industries will be felt profoundly.
> Cards, flowers, photos, remembrances may be sent to :
> Doug's parents (Leanore and Norm Paasch): 17811 5th Ave SW, Seattle,
> WA 98166
> Lisa's address is 2109 N Anderson St, Tacoma, WA 98406
> SCT will be holding a memorial
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