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Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2008 15:52:51 -0800
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Gift Economy / Spaceship Earth / Generosity

Reading all of Arthur's post, I couldn't help but think of a Quote  
from some class I did, "You will get in life that which you are  
willing to settle for." Or something like that. It is very different  
thinking from one level of the Gift Economy idea that I have-Which I  
admit is not educated. But I doubt it is totally at odds with it. I  
do have this sense that too many times, puppeteers (and firefighters)  
are offered lousy conditions, and we say yes to it, rather than  
demanding what we deserve. I was about to go on a rant about  
puppeteers settling for bad conditions, doing a less than stellar  
job, thereby reinforcing the bad stereotypes for puppeteers, but I  
think I will pass. I do think that it is time for a rise in Unionism  
in this country. That is the only way to balance the power of the  
Vive la revolution!
Greg Ballora

On Nov 26, 2008, at 12:07 PM, Arthur H. Poore wrote:

> Hello Hobey,
> I am a long time puppeteer, and a recent fan of yours.
>       My policy is generosity too, so  is that the same thing as
> practicing gift economy?
> I understand being generous of spirit, doing many free-o's, being a
> support to others, and materially generous.  Hey ... do you need
> anything??
> And I do this whenever possible too.
> I understand helping others without hesitation, to life and death, and
> without even knowing those many people.
> FDNY 23 yrs. goes beyond payday, on and off duty, for life. We never
> expected anything back for saving someone, their mother or their son.
> And yes we got paid, but I don't know anyone who signs up for the pay.
> Under the heel of the Baron Rudolph Giuliani, curse him, Firefighters
> got zero's through 5 years of contract negotiations, Ronny Rayguns
> tried to end all unions, ( 9% of US workers are now unionized down
> from 34 %), and a new firefighter with 4 children  is eligible for
> food stamps. I never saw that change the way New York City
> Firefighters performed their daily work. We expected nothing in
> return, and that is just what we got. in addition to reduced vacation,
> loss of personal leave day, blood day, OT benefits, no COLA, firehouse
> closings, reduced manning, Faulty 1967 radios responsible for hundreds
> of Firefighters deaths on 9/11, Bitter? maybe ... BUT,  We never
> expected anything other than anyone else doing their job.
> I also never missed a performance, except during a rare ice storm last
> year because of which I could not get out of my driveway let alone to
> Goat on a Boat theater in Sag Harbor.
> In puppetry I am so much more into the Art end of things than the
> business end, that I do not think of my shows or films or puppets in
> terms of money.
> I have used puppetry to balance this wacky world since 1959. semi-pro
> for the last 20 , since 1989.
> Always try to do the right thing.
> I think we agree here.
> I am totally into the mind-set;
> be generous whenever possible.
> To be a big help is very fulfilling, and yet I do agree Small things
> do matter.
> I feel and act this way, no matter what comes back around, and more
> often than not ... nothing does.
> It does not daunt me, I shall remain generous, and gifty in the Big
> and the Little.
> But , I say humbly that I will never expect anything back, nor is it a
> motivating factor, when being said generous.
> So .. I am undecided although doubtful of a working gift economy.
> Still Friends?
> Hey ... What do you need?
> Thanks for responding ... I was expecting a barrage back after the
> length of thread.
> Yours in Generosity
> Art
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