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Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2008 19:04:13 -0500
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] clay from paper mache

Hey Paul;
    Regarding your clay problem just get as much out as you can, a small 
sculpting tool will work quite well at scraping out as much as possible. As 
for long term effects don't worry about it. Our earliest Marionette heads 
were made like that and 15 years later we are still using them and never had 
a problem.
     I would recommend putting a few layers paper mache in the inside of you 
head just to strengthen it. As for a releasing agent next time plastic wrap 
works well and so does vacenline.
    In our video for the show The Legend of sleepy hollow you can see how we 
made the heads and how much I scraped the clay out. If you want to take a 
look just go to our website , click "Our Shows" and 
scroll down to the show.
    I hope this helps

The Puppet People
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Subject: [Puptcrit] clay from paper mache

>I am trying (for the first time) to get plasticine clay out of a paper 
> head.  There seems to be alot left behind after my first attempts.  Is 
> there
> a better way to do this rather than the dig and pick approach?
> I did cut it open after two layers of paper mache were well-dried.  It
> actually sat there for a month.  Was this the problem?  The clay reamins 
> in
> the crags of the initial layer.
> I didn't use an initial separation layer (like wet paper towels).  Was 
> this
> a problem?  I just started with the initial layer of paper mache.
> So let's say it can't be fully removed, then, will it affect the life of 
> the
> puppet? It just might be that this is a satusfactory result and I just 
> don't
> know it.
> Thanks for your help...
> Paul Fantini
> Union, NJ 07083
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