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Date: Sun, 02 Nov 2008 08:50:59 -0800
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Snowman Puppet ideas & Jokes

HA!  That's funny.  Was that with Dewey?   Is 
that snowman concept a standard magical illusion, 
or something you guys dreamed up?   Did the balls 
have open holes that they rolled in away from the 
audience view, or did it have removable sections or doors to pass through?   Ax


At 08:42 AM 11/2/2008, you wrote:

>Hey Steve,
>Mathieu's idea was almost exactly what we did at 
>Six Flags over Texas. Except it was a mascot 
>style costume. I stayed in the largest ball. 
>Then, when the second one was in place, I would 
>squeeze my body into that. Then when the head 
>was on, I would push my own head through. When 
>the hat was put on, I would pop out arms, step 
>up and dance around. I never got to rehearse 
>this show, so the first time I stepped up the 
>head flew off into the audience. My head slipped 
>into the middle section, so it just looked like 
>Frosty lost his head. I'm sure lots of kids needed therapy after that.
>Keep up the fantastic work!
>Brett Brett Roberts The Comedian for Kids 
>'s school and 
>library shows 
>Comedian for Kids Blog 
> > Date: Sun, 2 
>Nov 2008 07:03:10 -0800> To: 
>> From:> 
>Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Snowman Puppet ideas & 
>Jokes> > At 08:59 PM 11/1/2008, you wrote:> >The 
>Frosty puppet looks great!> >Good Job, Steve and 
>team!> >> >Suggestion:> >Wouldn't it be awesome 
>if somehow, the snowman could physically 
>grow?> >Exchangeable lower body parts replaced 
>in view (like a ballet of big> >snowballs, 
>re-assembling under the head). Powerful 
>rare-earth magnets could> >hold him up very 
>strongly at the middle points.> > Yeah... this 
>one has a beach ball inside so it > could 
>inflate while it was "packed with snow" and > it 
>can "melt" at the end of a routine.> > Another 3 
>ball approach could be used, I like > it. The 
>balls could each be rolled on stage to > music 
>and stacked with the final head (the puppet > 
>part) put on as it springs to life....held > 
>together by the magnets. Good idea! I'll add > 
>that to the ideas and give you credit. Ax> > > > 
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