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Hi All and Happy Holidays;
    Yes , yes it's that time again and The Puppet People have started our 
Xmas Carol tour. Mostly we will be all over the place ( we only have 4 days 
off this month) but we will be at the Philadelphia Children's theater from 
Dec. 8th thru the 13th and would love to meet up with other critters in the 
Philly area. This is our first time down there so any friendly faces would 
be great, also its always fun talking shop.
    We will also be in Connecticut on Tuesday Dec 2nd at the Middlebury 
Public Library (we are doing The Firebird there) and on Saturday Dec 6th we 
will be at the Edmund Town Hall Theater in Newton.
    Hope everyone has a great & profitable season, see you in January

Mark & Michelle
 The Puppet People

P.S One other thing regarding Puppet Theaters seems everyone forgot about 
the Open Hand Puppet & Mask Theater in Syracuse NY. They are a great 
organization, they make large pagent shows and provide wonderful outreach to 
their community. Also (suprise)they actually pay the puppet groups that 
perform there, I'm talking the actual fee the puppetters charge not 
splitting the house or ask to do it for free. In our experiance that is very 
rare, so please support them. Thanks again

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> Also in New York City:
> The Dorothy Walker Theater which is in the basement of HERE Center For
> the performing arts. (not totally given over for puppets, but since it
> is run by Basil Twist and friends it is one of the most reliable venues
> for veiwing adult puppet theatre in NYC.
> Also Los Kaboyitos Theater operated by SEA (Manuel Moran)
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