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Date: Sat, 1 Nov 2008 10:28:43 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Hot Glue Gun Warning

Bummer Mathieu.  You were just telling me about that model.  RIP.  OK
this seems to be the moment to tell a redemptive story about breakage.
 My youngest daughter worked all summer to pay her half on a MAC
laptop and then at college spilled water in it.#$%^&&( .  So here is
the cautionary part.  DONT PUT LIQUID DOWN NEAR YOUR LAPTOP.   If you
do have a spill, unplug and pop out the battery immediately.  Let it
dry for several days and take it to the repair shop.  Now my daughter
took it to the college computer tech and they declared the mother
board dead.  I later took it to a shop in Asheville and they pulled
the mother board out and soaked it in some acid bath which removed the
corrossion where it had shorted out and it worked perfectly.  So if
your computer had a run in with liquid it might be salvageable.
Unfortunately I don't have a remedy for your glue gun accept perhaps
send it to the manufacturer praising it up and down and mourning it
and maybe they will send you a new one and make you a product
spokesman on pupcrit.  I want one myself now.

PS I keep a glue stick and lighter back stage for instant gluejobs

On Fri, Oct 31, 2008 at 2:20 PM, Mathieu René <> wrote:
> Hi Deborah,
> I tried the cheap hot glue guns, and none were satisfactory in handling, nor
> lasted me more than a few months. I once special ordered a hot glue gun
> (Stanley) that was sold for 40$, hoping to finally get some durable quality,
> but it broke within minutes, as the threaded tip and nozzles were all made
> of cheap soft aluminum. A fine example of a good design gone wrong, because
> someone along the line decided to reduce the overall production cost (and
> increase their profit margin), without considering basic necessities. I
> stripped the main thread when I changed my first nozzle (gently, at that),
> and it became unsuable. I couldn't return it, because it looked as though I
> had damaged it. So now I have a hot glue gun that vomits hot glue at an
> alarming rate. Maybe it can be good for something, if I ever want to make
> puddles of hot glue...
> My ecological tendencies make me avoid disposable tools.
> I even stopped shaving with disposable blades (never liked them anyways), I
> now use my hair clipper for that.
> The only disposable blades I still use are the types like Olfa, X-acto and
> Excel, because they are so darn perfect for so many jobs. Still, soon I'll
> have the equipement to sharpen them (I'm missing a felt wheel on my benchtop
> grinder). My father does this all the time at his job, (a little polishing
> red, a quick buff on the wheel)and he rarely buys new blades. In the
> meantime, I collect my blades in a plastic jar. When full, I can bring it to
> a recycling center. Good metal, I think, and the garbage disposal service
> people don't gets cut.
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