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Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2008 22:33:45 -0500
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Why are people so mean?

Hi All;
    Sorry but I have to vent a little. We had a lousy day. We had a great 
show today but the audience was lousy (also a puppet lost his head in the 
middle of the show)  and when we got home we got a nasty e-mail from a 
school we performed at this week. What's up with people??????
    To be more specific we did our show The Last Dragon , a show about 
dealing with prejudice & intolerance on Wednesday, the day aftyer the 
election. We are all happy that morning with the news of our new president 
but the feeling left when we got to the school. Teachers were grouchy and 
eyeing us like we had the plague. The Stage we were to perform was not 
cleared, no one seeme to know we were coming and the teachers acted like out 
show was wasting their time. But believe it or not the kids were great and 
we had 2 awesome shows.
    So we were suprised that in the e-mail our sponser said that the 
teachers thought that the intolerant character played by our Wizard was "too 
intolerant" and that he said "bad words "like "nincompoop".
    Why is that word suddenly bad??? I always thought of it as funny, it's 
not like after a show kids go around and threaten each other with that word. 
It's even used in a funny part of the show . Why do people think that a 
villian shouldn't act like a villian!!!!!
    I'm sorry as I said I needed to vent it's just I'm tired of stupid 
people who come to a show just to rip it apart.

\Mark The Puppet people 

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