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Thanks  John:
    Exactly, we use the word in the show instead of saying "stupid". I 
always thought it sounded funny and we use it in a funny way, demonstrating 
the old phrase "sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never 
    But I guess what I am really upset about is that we let these comments 
get to us. We have been performing puppet show for over 15 years now and I 
can count the # of criticisms on one hand. Thousand of shows with 5 bad 
comments is pretty dam good I'd say. But even with that it still gets to me. 
I wish I could shrug them off or think of it as an opportunity to rethink a 
show or our writing, I mean we are not Shakespear.

Thanks again
Mark The Puppet People
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Subject: [Puptcrit] Why are people so mean

> Hi Mark at Puppet People
> You may be interested in the definition of Nincompoop.
> From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
> A nincompoop is an English term usually meant to describe a person
> that is silly, foolish, stupid, and/or useless.
> The factual origins of the term are unknown, but some people speculate
> that it was coined by British playwright William Wycherley in 1676.[1]
> Other people believe the word stems from the Latin phrase 'non compos
> mentis', i.e. 'not of sound mind.'[2]
> In 2007, a survey among 2000 Britons revealed that nincompoop was the
> nation's favourite word out of 16,500 entries in the Cambridge
> Dictionary.[3]
> John Dudley
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