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Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2008 11:43:36 -0500
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Must help that our school has NO PTO, we are too poor!

"some of the teachers just didn't want to change their schedule."  I  
can relate to that,  we usually are happy to have  a
change for a program,  but lately with state mandated tests,  and a  
variety of teacher/staff changes for this and that,
it seems we haven't had one straight week to cover all the mandated  

As the sped teacher I was asked to give one girl extra reading time  
for a half hour after lunch,  this week I saw her twice as they had a  
program from the Lowell mills one day, school elections the next, and  
a math bee on Friday.    The extra math class met three times out of  
5 due to a new geography class and something else the homeroom  
teacher wanted them for.   Of course, if they had given me a heads up  
I could have used the time more efficiently instead of setting up for  
them and waiting for their arrival.

   We are all suppose to be at a certain point in the math curriculum  
and turn in the kids' scores on benchmark tests,  as well as which  
unit/story in the reading book and turn in those scores,   kids ready  
or not.

On the other hand yesterday, I was asked to book a field trip to  
Puppet Showplace for two classes in my building.
a good thing!       liz

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Hi All;
         Mostly I think that there was no direct conversation between  
the school
and the PTA about our program. The school never got our study guides,  
prepared for our visit and This type of confusion does seem to happen  
more and more in
states wher the PTA hires you and not the school.
     Well again thanks everyone for your comments .

The puppet people

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