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Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2008 11:57:08 -0500
Subject: [Puptcrit] puppets making a difference in schools

Last week after the school's Halloween parade, there was a young man,  
25ish visiting the classroom next door.

They asked me if I remembered him,    when they told me his name,  I  
did right away and told him to stop into my classroom.

I went back and grabbed out of an old photograph book two photos of  
him from second and fourth grades and a

short report he had written to give him from the early 90s.

He asked if I still did puppets with the class and I waved at the  
corner behind him where the puppet stage is....

He went over and picked out the puppets he remembered and knew which  
ones had not been there back then!

This week I was over in that area with a second grader who picked up  
one of the puppets and asked if he'd learn how to make that kind.  I  
realized that that particular one had been made by his aunt about ten  
years ago so I asked him to return it to her.
The next day he described her reaction and the family's in great  
detail!  After they all got over their shock at seeing it again,
it was placed on a high shelf of honor to be treasured!

This week also a third grader having a difficult time understanding a  
story, got it, when I pulled out a few puppets and we acted out the  
story together.  The light bulb went on.         The 4th graders are  
also petitioning me to work with them more soon,  so I'm making deals  
with them about homework completion etc....

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