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Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2008 13:50:02 -0800 (PST)
Subject: [Puptcrit] Last Call? National Puppetry Festival Workshop Proposals

July 14-19, 2009, Atlanta GA=A0
We are currently seeking workshop proposals for the next national puppetry festival.=A0 These can be workshops related to puppetry and aspects of performing arts, education, technology, etc., that would be of interest to puppeteers, teachers, educators, puppet enthusiasts, and any others who would be attracted to attend a national puppetry festival.=A0 The workshop sessions are 90 minutes long, and there are two time slots for workshops=A0per day, in the mornings, with three mornings of the festival being devoted to workshops.=A0 Pay is $150.00 per session, and workshop presenters can choose the number of sessions (at least 1 and up to 6 sessions) required for their workshop.=A0 Information and workshop proposal forms are located at Questions can be addressed to Workshop Coordinators Michael or Valerie Nelson at -

While all ALL=A0areas of puppet workshops are of interest, some areas where we are noticeably lacking in proposals include high tech (could include such things as puppet controls, making and maintaining a website, creating YouTube videos, lighting, sound, etc...), film and video, directing, voice, manipulation, surviving as a working puppeteer in a recession, puppets in the classroom, political puppetry, shadow puppets, rod puppets, hand puppets, design, puppets in education and therapy.=A0 Also we are accepting applications for performance workshops (you perform some or all of your show and share process, Q&A, talk-back, or teach=A0workshop "audience.")

>From Judith O'Hare, coordinator for Professional Day for the Teaching Artist:
The Professional Day for the Teaching Artist Proposals are due November 30th. Send proposals for presentations or inquiries to Judith O'Hare, will be a special day of workshops=A0the day before the festival begins; workshop presenters for this special day may also submit workshop proposals for the regular festival workshop sessions as well.)

It is our hope to have workshops in place and listed on the festival website=A0in December, so send in your proposals or inquiries right away.
Michael & Valerie Nelson
Workshop Coordinators
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