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Date: Sun, 09 Nov 2008 01:13:08 GMT
Subject: [Puptcrit] "Bread &  Puppet" controversy

WOW! Even though we finally elected an intelligent President, there were plenty of rcck-brained folks who still wished to continue the downward spiral of the last 8 years, and quite a few of them seem to live in the Wilmington area.

When THOSE people talk about "freedom", the word has very little meaning since ONLY THEY are entitled to freedom--nobody else.

I can't tell if the one letter to the editor about Howdy Doody promoting homosexuality was sarcasm or serious, but for the record, Buffalo Bob was very homophobic, even though he grew rich from gay talents involved with the Howdy Show.

Some fine, upstanding citizens are just plain mean idiots

When Bread & Puppets were in Los Angeles for a city-wide arts festival, they were a key to its success. I heard a more recent visit to Spain was less well-received. 

I don't know the details, but bookers need to do their homework (a view shared with an audience member in Wilmington.) and it is a good idea for the audience to be better informed in advance.

Well, B & P has ruffled feathers for a long time. 

In Riverside CA, Rob D'Arc had a puppet studio for a time. His Punch & Judy show was also interrupted by upset adults including some very selfrighteous grade school teachers, who had been given advance printouts about Punch & Judy which they had obviously failed to read. So much for doing one's homework.

As a former Second-Grader following an earlier Presidential Race, I learned early on that adults can be hypocrtes, rude, unfair, ignorant and worse.


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