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This is just another problem with puppetry being associated with 
small children in this country (as well as many other western 
countries). In the 80s, I went to see a touring production of Philppe 
Genty's show "Round Like a Cube". (The French title translates 
literally as "Blue Like an Orange".) I later studied with Philippe. I 
saw the show in a theater in suburban New Jersey where it had been 
booked as part of their family series, I assume because it was a 
"puppet show". The audience was the typical family crowd, parents 
with their small children, some post-natal to barely verbal.  The 
show is a series of sketches.  The first scene is a recreation of the 
guillotine routine from the Guignol shows.  This is similar to the 
Punch hangman routine.  Guignol is supposed to have his head cut off 
in the guillotine. Instead he tricks the executioner into putting his 
head into the guillotine, at which point Guignol triggers the 
guillotine and chops off the executioner's head. The executioner hand 
puppet runs around headless. Guignol grabs the puppet body off the 
puppeteer's hand which is missing an index finger and spurting blood, 
followed by a blood curdling scream from backstage. Blackout.  The 
parents in the audience were looking extremely nervous at this point. 
Some left.  Later on in the show there is a scene between two very 
jolly phallic shaped puppets.  I hope the bookers learned their 
lesson about puppet theatre.


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>WOW! That is insane! I can't believe he stopped the show! Thanks for sharing
>your war story. It is too bad that people can't take things with a grain of
>salt. Art helps foster discussions. If it fosters HUGE discussions...I guess
>they did a good job!? I am glad that people took the time to write you
>supportive letters.

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