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I suspect you may be looking for the pattern developed by Lettie Connell
Schubert and Lewis Mahlman.  I thought that used to be available through the
Puppetry Store, but the last time I looked I couldn't find it there.  I
don't do much with hand puppets, but a lot of the people around here use
that pattern.  I've got a scan of the pattern, but I don't have their
instructions about it.


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Subject: [Puptcrit] That Glove Puppet Pattern

Hi all.

A student of mine would like to learn more about glove puppet making.
I want to recommend the pattern I once tried while in the USA, but cannot 
find the name of.
It was the pattern sold by Puppeteers of America's store.
I don't recognize it on the website.
I think someone on puptcrit mentionned the name, and it was actually a 
product number, I think.
I can't find it in the Puptcrit archives.

Thanks for the pointers!

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