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Date: Sat, 11 Apr 2009 21:01:52 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] New Clay Caricature

pretty neat Mathieu...

2009/4/11 Mathieu René <>

> Details:
> I finished the clay caricature I was working on part-time this week.
> I'm really happy with it, even considering the tech problems I had from the
> start.
> I was even able to come up with a way to protect it while it's being
> carried
> to a potential customer.
> It is the first time I allow one of my clay sculpts to be shown (and
> carried
> as is) without me.
> But it's a necessary risk, as my contact's contact needs something tangible
> to show to her superior. I can trust my contact, thankfully.
> No time to make a mold and cast a plaster copy (which I would have tinted),
> which would have been my first choice.
> Gotta jump on that special train, even when it comes suddenly, without
> advance warning!
> I did it both as a personal challenge and a way to impress a wider audience
> when viewing my portfolio.
> It is said that for an artwork to be popular, people must "recognize
> themselves" in it.
> One obvious way to do that is to have recognizable subject matter, such as
> a
> beloved or hated celebrity.
> The people of Madame Tusseaud and Waxworks have understood this, with their
> huge international business of reproducing celebrities faitfully in "wax".
> They work with actual measurements and photos they take themselves. Some
> will argue that they are more like technicians than artists. I disagree. It
> takes an artist to bring the skills and make the decisions to make the
> person's personality shine though.
> Even an actual lifecast of a person can't be as accurate (visually and
> emotionaly) as what the best of them create.
> I'll probably never master anatomy and sculpting enough to even come close
> to what they do. I'm ok with that, considering all the techniques I must
> do,
> and all the others I will gladly learn, to create countless puppets and
> masks.
> Theatre, just like litterature, is so liberating! Part of the magic is that
> we don't need to "say it all", we just suggest it, and let the audience's
> imagination fill in the blanks.  So, a crudely sculpted Punch glove puppet
> can become even more real than an anatomically perfect character with skin
> pores and clothing to scale.
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