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Hey Pam;
    We also deduct our gym memberships on our taxes. At age 43 I have to go 
to the gym or my performances suffer. For the longest time I didn't go and i 
know my energy & strength suffered. I recommend everyone try and go to a gym 
or have some kind of workout.
    I have also found it has helped my thoght processes when dealing with a 

The puppet people
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Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Physical training to prevent injury

Since I am a yoga instructor and my dad is an accountant, any classes that I
have paid for to further my knowledge and training I am able to use as a
deduction...i think he calls it "continuing education"
Most performers take physical movement training, it was part of my college
education curriculum as a theater student, so I don't think it would be
difficult to prove that physical training is a necessary tool for
performing.  What kind of documentation should you turn in to the IRS?  A
doctor's note?  Scholarly articles and publications?
good luck, mc

On Mon, Apr 13, 2009 at 10:24 AM, Pam Corcoran

> Hi Folks,
> I just returned from my appointment with my accountant. One item we used 
> as
> a deduction was for the private training sessions I had taken last year 
> with
> a dancer/movement specialist/pilates instructor. She spent a lot of time
> focusing on teaching me to move correctly to avoid injury - and with her
> extensive knowledge, can zero in on specific muscles used when I am
> performing. My accountant told me that he could see this as a valid
> deduction, but I should try to get some documentation on the the benefits 
> of
> movement analysis/training in case I would need to convince someone else -
> like the tax people. I would appreciate it if any of  you can share your
> experiences, either of benefits from similar training, or the downside -
> injuries you have experienced.
> Thanks!
> Pam
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