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Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2009 19:52:33 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Delta Bend saw and blades

Got a bandsaw!
Better than I thought.
Even with an old blade, it cut through maple pretty well.
Like butter in pine.
It even looks brand new.

Before I can use it, I have to reorganize my small studio space to make it 
as efficient as possible.
This means getting rid of some work surfaces as well. I got carried away 
last time I organized, specifically for giving small group workshops here. 
Except for one very practical table I built, the extra surfaces have been 
used mostly to hold stuff and tools randomly. Too much space makes the human 
lazy. Gone they shall be this week! more wood to make sculpture stands for 
clay work!
That band saw is already a great incentive!

I'm extremely grateful to my "coach" for having made this possible in three 
.He ordered a custom marionnette to make the band saw's purchase possible 
now (of course, he wanted such a marionette eventually anyways, fell in love 
with the one I had but couldn't sell).
.He offered to drive so that we could go see, purchase and pick up the band 
.He continues coaching me because he believes in me.
He's the business-minded kick in the butt and mind I'd been asking the 
universe for.
Careful what you wish for, this one's a notch or two beyond expectations.
Ouch. If I survive his suggested mental recalibrations (breaking and 
changing beliefs, adding discipline, lots more focus on a select few things 
at a time), I'll reccomend his services to another "self-distracting artist" 
out there.

Come on, I'm sure lots of you know it can be hard to concentrate on one 
thing when twenty apparently interesting ideas can pop up into your mind in 
a month! There's not enough time in one lifetime to try them all! My utopia 
would be just to create what needs to be created and letting someone else 
get me the new contracts and sell my regular production.
I'd pay a very nice percentage, and bonuses, to someone who would take that 
burden off of me!
In the meantime, I gotta build that client base, that niche upon which to 
build that utopia, which would be the foundation from which I could hire and 
pay such an agent, keeping the utopia well-fed.

"Round, Like a circle in a spiral/Like a wheel within a wheel"
-Windmills of your mind
(music and lyrics by Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman and Michel Legrand)

And round like a band saw's blade!


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