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Hi Mathiew
  Congratulations, I'm sure you will enjoy your Band Saw.  Often you can buy different size band saw blades. They are the same length but different widths. 1/8 inch blades can cut smaller circles while the 1/2 blades are used to cut big circles and thicker wood.

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Ok Greg, here it is:

I got the 14 inch band saw from King Canada.
It's looking almost perfectly new (some small marks on some edges, otherwise 
pristine in and out).

I thought I did say that???

Where's my mind?
Did anybody borrow it without telling me?

The band saw is a big thing in person, once installd on its own stand. I was 
a bit afraid of what the landlord of my apartment building would say when 
he'd see it. But then again, I've never given him any reason to be bothered 
by my power tools, I use them only during very reasonnable daylight hours, 
and none of them (not even this band saw) are more noisy than a strong 
vacuum cleaner (I got a small shop vac).

The "table" of the band saw swivels to make angle cuts.
The saw blade is very steady.
It's a two-wheel bandsaw.

One thing is missing: the fencing. I'll make one or have one made. "I got 
people" who can probably arrange it. I might also make a larger table 
surface out of plywood. Some people do that, although it reduces the maximum 
thickness of wood that can be cut.

I'll have to build a kind of plastic tent, or at least a fence around the 
saw to prevent as much dust spill as possible, even though I'll use my shop 
vac simultaneously with the saw, to absorb as much dust as possible.  If I 
can manage to install the saw in a corner, It will make it much easier to 
isolate, but will reduce my resaw distance possibilities for longer planks, 
which I don't plan to use, but one never knows.

I sleep in the same two room apartment, so it's got to remain relatively 
dust free.
Once was enough, many years ago when I got myself sick from sleeping in the 
same small bedroom where I did ceramic clay work (mask forms, got sick from 
the silica dusts, even though I tried to wet wipe regularly). I had never 
heard of the dangers of some of the most common artist materials (I was in 
first year university! how's that for proper education in our school 

 For some of us, it's an easy purchase to get a dust collector.
I'll custom order one from the universe, but in the meantime I do want to 
use my saw!

Workshop re-arranging tomorrow.
Maybe I'll take pics of the setup. If y'all behave.

For those who feel strangely nostalgics of the old BBS boards, a modern day 
attempt at improv ASCII  ART!

  (  O )
 / ## ~=F2
0 ##
  !! !!
  & &

~~~~  I'm thin, and a clown, and have hair, and wearing new shoes, and 
levitating, and giving you a thumbs up! ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!!
Puppetry people can be and do anything!

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