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Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2009 13:47:22 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Delta Band saw and blades

Congrats on the Band Saw purchase. Sounds like it will do you well. 
Look for the fence for it as an accessory available through other 
sources. A good fence will be adjustable to different angles. More work 
to custom make this than to buy it.

In my shop I have most of my major power tools moveable. The tools live 
under a loft bay sort of thing. Along with my band saw, the table saw, 
drill press, chop/miter saw, bench grinder, and bench disc and belt 
sander are stored, and many times used, in the bay. When needed for 
bigger work (long boards, etc.), or to be closer to an assembly area, I 
can move any or all of them. I have an advantage over many people in 
that I have a pallet truck (like a hand operated mini fork lift that 
will only lift about 6") so I can move the heavy tools easily. I have 
added a board across the bottom of my band saw (front and back) at a 
height that allows me to lift and move it with the truck. The table saw 
and drill press are each on their own small pallets. The chop saw is 
mounted on a rolling table, as it is a straight down cut. The table can 
easily be chocked so it doesn't move (not usually necessary), and the 
saw is mounted in such a way that it is easily removed if needed. The 
bench grinder and sander are both mounted on a table that has wheels 
only on one end. I can lift the other end and roll it in and out, or to 
another location. You could do the same thing with a saw (put wheels on 
one end so that you could easily move it), but you would want to do it 
perpendicular to the blade. You don't want the tool sliding while you 
are trying to make a cut. Anyway, my main point is that by mounting you 
large tools on a movable bed you can maximize a minimum of space. The 
tools live together in only the room they take up. Small cuts can be 
made with them in place. Larger cuts can be easily done by moving them 
out of their slot as needed. For me, one vac gets moved from tool to 
tool if I want/need to do on the fly dust collection. I confess to more 
after the fact clean up then in the moment collection. Bad habit.


On Apr 13, 2009, at 7:52 PM, Mathieu René wrote:

> Got a bandsaw!
> Better than I thought.
> <clip>
> Before I can use it, I have to reorganize my small studio space to 
> make it
> as efficient as possible. <clip>

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