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Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 17:53:30 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: [Puptcrit] Puppet Stage Plan Request

My apologies to everyone for not being more specific concerning my request.=A0 

Christopher - you are so right in pushing me to do more!!! :)

I have a hand puppet stage I have been using but find it cumbersome and difficult.
It is too large and requires me to perform over my head.=A0 My puppets do not have moving mouths 
so this feature isn't neccessary for me.
I am looking for a versatile hand puppet stage for a single performer.=A0 Booth style 
- the goal is small with minimal set up - The new show is for preschool audiences.

I am looking for simple wooden frame construction.=A0 Minimally 5' wide and 3' deep over all just enough for me to fit inside
I do need a play board and prop shelf.=A0Single level stage.=A0 =A0I do not plan on changing scenery i.e. backdrops.
I would like a scrim in front of my face to mask me.=A0 I would like it to be foldable and compact for storage purposes.

I would prefer not to have a pvc or pipe staging if possible.=A0 
I will be traveling in my pick up truck - so size isn't a huge concern.=A0 
I would like integrated lighting - altough I believe I can figure that out after the initial construction.

I was just hoping someone knew of a great web link or specific book I should turn to.
I have checked most of my personal reference library and was hoping to not have to reinvent the wheel.

Anything else I may have missed?? Thanks everyone!

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