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Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2009 20:59:58 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] High School puppet shows

One practical reason beyond content or suitable material for the age
or age appeal comes down to the fact that highschools rarely pull all
kids out of class for schoolwide  "assembly programs"  Its a schedule
thing.  They rarely can justify the cost for a class or two.  Also
PTAs aren't typically active at these grade levels and they are the
major source of funds for assembly programs.  There are acceptions
though.  I had a Geometry black light show that created a lot of
interest but again rarely could I convince schools to go against the
schedule to pull kids out for an assembly program.  It was a cool show
though with geodesic creatures, all sorts of transforming polyhedra.
The show sort of took off from where Baird left off with his dancing
cuboctahedrons. I worked with a science artist who was an expert in
Buckminster Fuller's models of polyhedra.  My grandfather Starling
Burgess worked with Fuller, engineering his Dymaxion car.  When I saw
Andrew Frank's geometric models and how they moved like Bil Baird's
geodesic marionettes, we decided to collaborate on the project called
"Geometry of Nature" We did a run with it for about a year and scored
many Highschools shows and modelling workshops with students and
teachers.  We retired it for a lack of Highschool interest, though
those who booked loved it.  It was  just a hard sell for the above
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