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Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2009 11:52:58 -0700
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Skill Sets

 Skill sets

Combining the talents and skills of many individuals is what allowed
Henson=92s company to put Puppetry on the map in the USA and allowed for a
rebirth of Commercial puppetry abroad. Even in the live theatre arena,
combining skills of others with a proper regard for viability is a great
formula for artistic (and $) success (Vince Anthony=92s Center in Atlanta
comes to mind). The Entrepreneur cannot be understated in this recipe for
the successful modern puppeteer. But the difference is if one wants to
remain solo or not. To be solo is a lonely road and it may be a choice for
some (it was mine for many years) but an emotional necessity for others.
Many puppeteers just don=92t work well with others=85 and those people may be
forced to do many things on their own, most often with mixed results.
Hopefully the 'solo need' stems from the intense desire to =93say=94 something
that can only be said by one individual person. Sometimes this is just how
some of us find our =93voice=94. Working with others requires an unusual amount
of patience and tolerance and letting go of our egos in a way that is often
"just too hard to do" and the results can be far from what we had originally
planned and therefore a disappointment.

The key is to  have a clear VISION (clairvoyance) before one begins=97either
for a solo road or one where many people=92s skills are correctly and
beautifully orchestrated. I am believer in the collective creation as long
as there is clear and articulated vision.

Steven Ritz-Barr
Classics in Miniature, inc
The Metropolitan Puppet Authority, a non-profit
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