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Subject: [Puptcrit] FW: This weekend: "WAYANG KALI" -- An evening of

I'm going to this show on Saturday and wanted to share with other NYC folks.

Hope to see you there,

This weekend!
Saturday, April 4, 2009
8:00 pm

Consulate of the Republic of Indonesia
5 East 68th Street, New York, NY

Suggested Donation: $15/$10 students, seniors

<>Click here to 

Join us for an evening of traditional and experimental Balinese 
shadow theater. Based on an interpretation of the Hindu Mahabarata 
epic by renowned Indonesian author and journalist Goenawan Mohamad, 
=B3Wayang Kali=B2 tells the story of Kali, the Goddess of Death.

Directed by master Balinese artist and Indonesia Institute of the 
Arts faculty member I Madé Sidia, =B3Wayang Kali=B2 combines traditional 
Indonesian shadow puppet techniques with experimental theater and new 
music, in collaboration with musicians and writers in America 
including Shahzad Ismaily, Eyvind Kang, Jessika Kenney, Ches Smith, 
Andrew McGraw and Jenni Quilter.

The experimental, 45 minute Wayang Kali performance will be preceded 
by a short performance of traditional shadow theater accompanied by 
the Balinese gamelan orchestra performed by members of Gamelan Dharma 

About I Madé Sidia:

I Madé Sidia is an accomplished dalang/puppeteer, topeng (masked) 
dancer, musician and choreographer. He began his training at the age 
of ten with his father and as a young adult he studied at the High 
School of Performing Arts (SMKI) in Batubulan and at the National 
Conservatory (ISI) in Denpasar, Bali, where he is currently on staff. 
I Madé Sidia has toured extensively throughout Indonesia, Asia, 
Europe and the United States.

May 2, 2009. 7PM
Gamelan Dharma Swara
Semara Dana Concert
<>Drom, East Village, NYC
Ticket info coming soon!

May 9-10, 2009
Gamelan Dharma Swara
Annual Spring Concert
Consulate of Republic of Indonesia
Details coming soon!

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