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Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 03:20:41 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] goblin puppet in the works

Forgot to comment o the creature itself!

He's got great character.
A bit shifty, a bit aristocratic.
His facial expressions change with the angles: that's a bona fide 
performance-worthy puppet head!
I love the skin wrinkles.

I'm curious to see how he ends up looking, the skin wrinkle detail is VERY 
impressive for the chosen material. Does your 3D printer cut with a regular 
sharp blade, or with some form of heat?

The more I look at your results, the more excited I am about the 
For me for now, if I had the financial means, the most practical use would 
be to have a foam model made of the skeleton and muscles of a creature of my 
own design, onto which I could add the eyeballs and make a paper mache skin. 
This would make extremely durable puppets, with no loss of detail, and they 
would be made quickly, once the foam piece is ready.
I still see it as a possibility, but it would have to be paid for by the 
customer of an eventual big project.

The three remaining barriers I see for me to pay for your services:
-the need to make a 3D computer model to print (not many of us are trained 
with the software)
-or sending you the maquette so you can scan it in 3D (extra cost for 
shipping and scanning)
-being dependent on someone else's expertise, schedule and equipement.

Of course, all these obstacles would be swept aside if we lived in the same 
Who knows, maybe Hennes Productions could have franchises around the 
Like those "pencil portrait" booths in shopping malls. Only in your case, it 
would be "input your head or object into the scanning box, we replicate in 

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